Thursday, September 13, 2012

Throne of Glass

Title: Throne of Glass

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Publisher:  Bloomsbury

Series:  Throne of Glass, Bk 1 (but following the Throne of Glass Novellas)

ISBN: 9781599906959

Obtained: Library copy


This looked like my kind of book.  The main character's an assassin; that right there is a big point. 

I had read on a blog somewhere (I can't remember whose), that they didn't like Calaena at first (I believe because of arrogance).  This made me nervous, but as soon as the book was available to me I started it anyway. 

I was quickly absorbed.  Any arrogance on Calaena's part seemed to be armor of a sort, so I could understand it.  And I was certainly rooting for her throughout.  It probably helps that while she spoke easily of killing people she didn't really do much of that in this book. 

Instead she competed in a competition that, based on my vague memories of the book, actually reminded me of The Hunger Games.  Only this is a fantasy, not dystopian.  And I want to read more of this series, while I stopped after the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

I do have to mention, the back cover says something like two men "fall in love" with one woman.  I didn't see anything that had quite developed to the point of love so much as fascination and intrigue.  Perhaps some caring.  I could see feeling heading towards love.  I just don't know that I'd say they are quite there yet in this book.


  1. I know you've told me--well, I think you have. I can't remember either way. Why did you stop after the first book of the The Hunger Games. I didn't read the book. Not sure why. Something just kept holding me back. I did watch the movie. I don't plan to watch more. Also, I'm glad I didn't read the book.

    OKay, now for the personal stuff. How's your mother? And how are you doing?

    1. I read Hunger Games in the first place for school (for my Materials for Youth class). It was a good book. But I couldn't get on board with the reality show featuring teens killing each other (or at least letting each other die...even for self-survival), especially a required show. I take it you didn't care for the story?

      She's recovering. A bit dizzy yet, but recovering. But she has a second surgery to look forward to.

    2. Wow! I thought there'd be more recovery time between the first and the second surgery. She has been through the second one, right?

      Okay, my laptop is making strange noises, at least, I think that's my laptop. I need to get a new one, but this will be like my office chair. I'll wait until it actually breaks and THEN go buy one.

      About The Hunger Games, no, I didn't care for the story at all. I feel like the odd duck

    3. The more time passes and all I remember is the basic story (not the details) the more I don't get the appeal. And still the hype has grown. So I get the odd duck thing.

      She did have the second surgery. It was better as far as the actual condition of her brain when they got in there, but worse for her pain and balance-wise. They apparently were able to do more reconstruction in her ear than the other side, and I believe that accounts for the increase in pain and dizziness.

      My laptop was 6 years old and had become sooo slow when my parents surprised me with a PC ... It's been 4 years since and the PC is doing fine (Vista and all). But I remember those days.


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