Sunday, September 23, 2012

Objects of My Affection

Title: Objects of My Affection

Author: Jill Smolinski; Read by Xe Sands

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

ISBN: 9781455134847

Length: 10 1/2 hours; 9 CDs

Obtained: Library audiobook copy


This was recommended by Sheila at Book Journey, particularly as an audiobook.  She said it wasn't too depressing, so I decided to read it.  

For the most part, I liked Lucy.  But there were definitely some head-smacking moments.  And I have been careful about not doing sex scenes in audio (how do you skip over that?) which this came uncomfortably close to at points.

But the story was interesting.  It touched on hoarding (one of those horrifying and fascinating all at the same time subjects... and we've already discussed my own book hoarding on this blog), addiction (a little to close to home with that one.  I have family members with addiction.), and suicide (my father has attempted suicide twice this year and my brother lost a close friend to suicide a few years ago).  In other words, some pretty deep topics were discussed.  Thankfully, Sheila was right and none of them got too depressing.  Probably the most difficult was the addiction and Lucy's denial when it came to addiction's impact on her family.

I did like the organization part.  I've read some books and watched some shows on decluttering and I can always use more tips - even when wrapped up in a fictional story.

Hopefully this has been coherent and not too spoilerish.  Overall, I'm glad I tried it.  I do think the audio aspect added to the story.  Though the quotes at, I presume, the beginning of chapters could be confusing at times when I wasn't seeing the format.

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