Friday, August 10, 2012

Gold Fever

Title: Gold Fever

Author: Vicki Delany

Publisher: RendezVous Crime

Series: Klondike Mystery, Bk 2

ISBN: 9781926607023

Pages: 290

Obtained: ILL library copy


I put off reading this until the day it was due (don't ask why... I enjoyed the first one).  Once I finally read it, I was quickly re-immersed in late 19th century Klondike gold rush period with Fiona and her friends and family.  The one thing that I find a little irritating is how Fiona goes on (often) about being the most beautiful woman in Dawson and how she isn't bragging.  Beyond that I like her.  I enjoyed the mystery aspect as well.  There was a lot going on that managed to confuse things.  Anyway, while I'm still hesitant about apparently going backwards in Fiona's timeline (I'm hoping I'm wrong), I will still be reading Gold Mountain.  And I have a Rapid Read by Vicki Delany waiting as well.


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