Friday, May 11, 2012

Playing Catch-up - JAK/AQ/JC

Jayne Ann Krentz (Amanda Quick) (Jayne Castle) has been a favorite author of my for some time.  I've read many of her books and many are re-reads for me.  But I've gotten behind.  And I've got a couple trailers for you!!!

First, a trailer about arcane...

Second, about the Dreamlight Trilogy...

Fired Up (Arcane, Bk 7; Dreamlight, Bk 1) by Jayne Ann Krentz (personal copy - purchased autographed from Seattle Mystery Bookshop) -

This was actually a re-read, but I only realized that once I started it.  It must not have been too memorable because I also ended up purchasing multiple copies somewhere along the line.  The one mentioned above and another from one of the Borders closing sales in the area.  But beyond not being memorable I enjoyed it.  It wasn't anything spectacular, but not every read needs to be so long as it hits the main points I look for.

Burning Lamp (Arcane, Bk 8; Dreamlight, Bk 2) by Amanda Quick (personal copy - purchased autographed from Seattle Mystery Bookshop) -

This book was actually a bit of a disappointment for me.  It was just SO similar to Fired Up.  The characters psychic abilities were incredibly alike, especially the heroine's.  They were based around the same family myth, so that background story was the same.  And even the dialogue was like an echo.  Maybe it would have been okay if I hadn't read them back to back, but I did.
Midnight Crystal (Arcane, Bk 9; Harmony, Bk 7; Dreamlight, Bk 3) by Jayne Castle (personal copy via -

This was the last of the Dreamlight trilogy, and it was better, less repetition and I liked the characters more.  Not that I didn't like the characters in the other two, but ... Marlowe Jones is the head of J&J.  She has more personality.  Plus I loved Gibson and his roll in helping people.

In Too Deep (Arcane, Bk 10; Looking Glass, Bk 1) by Jayne Ann Krentz (personal copy - purchased at Borders closing sale...I think)

Finally! Fallon's story!  I've been waiting to read this forever.  And I liked Isabella which was great.  She had more of that spunk I had come to love in Jayne's heroines and had been missing lately.  This one has more of that small, quirky town feel that Jayne's older books had as well, which was nice.
Quicksilver (Arcane, Bk 11; Looking Glass, Bk 2) by Amanda Quick (personal copy -purchased at Borders closing sale)

I was grateful to find that Virginia's talent was different than Isabella's (no same book - different time).  And I was happy to read more about the Sweetwater family.  Overall, a nice read.
Canyons of Night (Arcane, Bk 12; Harmony, Bk 8; Looking Glass, Bk 3) by Jayne Castle (personal copy via -

This book didn't feel like it was as much a part of the Looking Glass trilogy, but I still enjoyed it.  Both Charlotte and Slade were interesting characters, and I was happy to see some kids of the island involved in the story as well.  And of course the dust bunny, though I wish he (dust bunny - I've blanked on his name) had connected with Charlotte more.  The Preserve and the secrets it holds were intriguing and since not many questions about that were answered I presume I'll see more in the future.


  1. Autographed? Way cool! I still haven't finished the Arcane (well, caught up with) series, but I will someday. Like you, this is a favorite of mine.

  2. That was back when I thought I could afford to buy books.

    I've got Copper Beach checked out now because I decided I didn't want to wait until I get it from paperbackswap. I should be reading it soon. But it doesn't look like it's arcane.


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