Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bouncing around genres...

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof (Piece of Cake Mystery, Bk 2) by Jacklyn Brady aka Sherry Lewis and Sammi Carter (library copy) -

I've slowed down on my cozy reading this month, but still enjoyed this dip into New Orleans and Mardi Gras culture.  Rita was crazy busy trying to keep her business going, trying to promote it, plus having a surprise visit from family, and digging into a murder case too... I know I would be overwhelmed in her position.  My only problem with her wasn't as a reader but as a blogger.  What was her problem with writing a blog post?  She acted like it was the most dreadful use of her time.  Anyway, I look forward to Arsenic and Old Cake coming out this November.

The Guardian (Dream-Hunter, Bk ) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (personal copy via -

It's been awhile since I've read a Sherrilyn Kenyon book and I was glad to read a new (to me) one.  I started it pretty much as soon as I got it (I had to finish Cake on a Hot Tin Roof before I could really start it) and finished it soon after.  It wasn't one of my absolute favorites, but I still enjoyed it as I do pretty much all of her dark-hunter, were-hunter, dream-hunter books.

"Thread of Death" (Elemental Assassin, Bk 5.5) by Jennifer Estep (ebook short story - purchased) -

I very grudgingly bought this eBook because I had to.  Why do authors pub stuff in e-book format only?  Not cool.  (It's not so much the price, which was $1.99, as the fact that I'm keeping this series and I need it in PRINT).  Of course I enjoyed the story.  I love Gin Blanco, her "family," and the Elemental Assassin series.  In this particular story, Gin made me nervous with how much she exposed herself, but that's part of the storyline so ::shrug:: I dealt.  All the hints at future stories made me anxious to read more.  Which leads me to...

By a Thread (Elemental Assassin, Bk 6) by Jennifer Estep (personal copy - purchased at Books-A-Million) -

After a read "Thread of Death" I immediately had to read By a Thread.  Gin's exposure is causing problems so she takes a "vacation" where, of course, she runs into more trouble.  Gin, being human and therefore having the usual sorts of flaws had some issues with not necessarily arrogance, but something similar when it comes to her powers in this one.  Some scenes of this book (in part due to fore mentioned flaws) had me so on the edge of my seat that I was reading as fast as I possibly could (it took everything I had not to skim ahead) to get to a more comfortable spot.  Really.  Anyway, I guess that means it was a success.  Some other things regarding Gin's relationships (romantic and familial) that I thought were already wrapped up were double-knotted wrapped up.  I eagerly look forward to the short story (bk 6.5) "Haints and Hobwebs" and (bk 7) Widow's Web which is due out in August.

ghostgirl (Rest in Popularity) (ghostgirl, Bk 1) by Tonya Hurley (library copy) -

I checked the third book in this series out to a patron and found myself drawn by the cover.  You can't tell from the pic, but it has one of those clear plastic cutouts in the center... Anyway, the story was mostly cute and fun.  It kinda reminded me of a YA book version of the Ruby Gloom kids television show, with lessons to learn, etc.  Some of the attitudes about death did make me a little uncomfortable.  My sister's best friend died at 16 (she was hit by a train), so I kept thinking about how my sister would react to some of the offhand remarks.  And the ending was a bit abrupt.  But I will try the second book in the series, ghostgirl Homecoming, and see where the story goes.


  1. I had Tonya Hurley's book on my wanna read list. You don't sound too impressed.

  2. It wasn't bad. It was cute. I just think I had higher hopes and it didn't meet those. And I read it right after something I loved so... ::shrug::


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