Friday, December 9, 2011

Here we go, now... Here, here, here we go...

Sorry about the title.  I have a stupid boy band song stuck in my head.  Anyway... on to what I've been reading...

Reckoning by Lili St. Crow (personal copy via J. Kaye - thanks!)

Going into this I knew that J. Kaye felt this was the best of the series, but questions aren't answered, and a reviewer on pbs said it was their least favorite, but too many loose ends.  Complete opposite opinions but on one thing everyone agreed.  Now for my take... It's neither my favorite nor my least favorite.  I enjoyed it just as I've enjoyed them all.  I can guess about some of the loose ends.  Because this is a YA series and you don't have all the answers when you're a YA. 
Since I'm so motivated by characters, though, lets discuss them... I wanted Dru to treat Ash better.  To view him as more than a puppy or toddler, but a friend.  I was dissapointed in how that aspect worked.  I just can't decide on Christophe.  I never loved him, and I don't think I ever will, but I came the closest to being okay with him in this book.  I stopped loving Graves after the first book, but the insight to him in this one helped me remember why I had.  Even if the changes in him make me think I never could love him again.  I don't know what to say about Dru herself.

Artistic License by Julie Hyzy (ebook free through Sony Reader Store)
I own several of Julie Hyzy's backlist, but this is the first I've actually read.  I enjoyed it.  I mostly liked Annie, minus some stupid moments w/ her ex. ... I didn't like her ex at all.  Overall, I liked the story.  It's categorized as a mystery, and I don't know how accurate I'd say that is, but still...

"Clever is as Clever Does" by Linsey Lanier (ebook short story free through Sony Reader Store - still currently free in multiple e-formats - I've linked to Smashwords)

The second of the Clever Detective shorts.  It was fun just like the first.  I really want to read the third "Cleverest of Them All" but unlike the first two, it's not free.  So it's only $0.99... I have not paid for a single e-book yet.  I might have to break down and make this my first.  Very frustrating.  But that tells you something about how fun they are, right?  Try the first one.  And try reading it out loud in a dramatic fashion.  Seriously.  Maybe you'll be as hooked as me.

Heaven is for Heroes by P J Sharon (ebook free through the Trick or Treat event this past Halloween)

Overall, I liked this story.  It's a young adult book, and it can be difficult to remember that when the characters are going off to war, being killed and/or injured, etc.  Then you think about how soldiers really do go overseas and fight that young and you get chills.  Anyway, it's a very emotionally driven story.

I've been trying to work on The Roman Hat Mystery (Ellery Queen) for the Vintage Mystery Challenge but it's slow going, even though I like it so far.


  1. I can't believe I never commented here. :( I have a habit of saving emails--in this case, this blog's subscription. I do this when I'm busy with plans to come back in a day or two. Guess that day or two lasted longer than expected.

    Anyway, I agree about unanswered questions. There needs to be another book. I also didn't like how Dru kept jumping from one to the other. My attitude was pick one and stick with him! She, of course, did not.

    Anyway, I want to read the series all over again. I don't have the time though. Maybe in a few years?

  2. lol. I couldn't believe it either. ;p

    And Yes! I could have decided on someone I liked if she had just stuck with one. Instead I end up not really liking either of them. Very frustrating.

    I'd say maybe to the re-reading, but it's unlikely to happen. I didn't even get to my annual re-reads this year, and I feel like I'm missing something. I'm just not going to be able to fit in another series to re-read when I can't even get to my usual.

    There have been just too many debut authors and series. Maybe I should put them on pause this new year while I reacquaint myself w/ my annuals - Jayne Ann Krentz, Mercedes Lackey, Steven Brust, Nora Roberts, etc.

  3. Jo, debut authors are my weakness. My favorite authors take a backseat, well, except for the Sookie series. I'm caught up on that one. :)


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