Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Light on the reading...

Since the last post, I've read:

Sealed with a Kill by Lucy Lawrence (library copy) - I enjoyed it, not as much as the 1st 2 books, but still.  And this series has lead to more, if you continue to read into my post...

Wicked Witch Murder by Leslie Meier - I liked this one better than the last few Leslie Meier books I read, so I'm happy.  Hoping the next book is as enjoyable.

Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck - Kind of had a slow start with this one, but it picked up part way in.  I'll have to see where the series goes from here.

So I haven't been reading as much.  It's mostly the usual ... life.  But I noticed part of it was because of books.  Sounds like a contradiction - but it isn't.

I've mentioned before that after reading Monica Ferris's Needlecraft Mysteries I took a crochet class.  Well now that I've read Lucy Lawrence (Jenn McKinlay)'s Decoupage Mysteries, I've been trying (it's more difficult than I thought) to do decoupage.  My sister and I have been been practicing and working on little projects together for the past 4 weeks.

    I did something similar to this - different color scheme - for my ma's birthday gift.  My sister became interested when I brought my finished project over to show her.  
Anyway, this is good because it means we're spending more time together.  But it also contributes to my decline in time spent reading.   So do your books influence your life, beyond the time spent actually reading them? (or the physical space they consume)?


My first decoupage project.  It hasn't been hung on the wall yet. 


  1. How neat! You are seriously talented.

  2. Don't give me too much credit. That clock is the design I used, not my actual product. =)

  3. You aren't going to post pics of your creation? :)

  4. There. I added a pic of my creation. =)

  5. Jo! Yours is fantastic! I love the colors.

    Wow - thanks for posting a pic. It's so cool to see stuff like this. Makes me want to get creative. :)

  6. Thanks. =)

    So reading motivates me to be creative and seeing makes you want to be creative.


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