Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I haven't read much since my last update.

I did finish How to Wash a Cat (Cats and Curios, 1) by Rebecca Hale (I own).  I have the next 2 books in this series, but while I liked this, it took me longer to get through.  I need a break before I read Bk's 2 and 3.

I also read Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson, 2) by Darynda Jones (library copy).  I liked it better than the first (and I enjoyed the first).  Bk 2 had great humor, plus I was into the story.  Can't wait for book 3.

I read Sleight of Paw (Magical Cats, 2) by Sofie Kelly aka Darlene Ryan (library copy).  I look forward to reading book 3.

I'm not sure what to read next I have so many choices. I've been wanting to do some re-reading lately (I guess it comes with fall), but that would require making a mess digging the books out.  Plus I also have several library books to read.  Who knew choosing what to read could be so difficult?


  1. Glad to hear about Second Grave---. I have that one on the way. Speaking of books, the next Strange Angel book will be out in a couple or so weeks. Can't wait for that one!

  2. Um... I never ended up reading Defiance. I checked out (twice) but... Did you like it?

  3. I really did...enough to purchase the next one. :)


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