Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End? + Cozy Challenge

I hate to even suggest the possibility.  But I have gone, once again, over a month without blogging.  I didn't feel like posting on the books I was reading so I ended up not posting at all.  I had this big giveaway planned, and I'm thinking I might still have it.  As a last hurrah before closing this down.  But I don't really want to lose everything I've found here, either.  It makes me sick really, to contemplate such a thing.  As you can see, I'm rather torn over the matter... I don't know what I'll end up deciding, but at least you have a heads up.

In the meantime, I've been participating in this cozy challenge (the first week was a little long since not everyone was ready) for eight weeks.  Since July 2nd or 3rd I have read...

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat ; Sophie Kelly ; Magical Cats Mystery, Bk 1 ; Minnesota ; Librarian

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Fancy Stolen Casket ; Fran Rizer ; Callie Parrish Mystery, Bk 1 ; South Carolina ; Cosmetician (Mortuary Cosmetologist)

Hey Diddle Diddle, the Corpse and the Fiddle ; Fran Rizer ; Callie Parrish Mystery, Bk 2 ; South Carolina ; Cosmetician (Mortuary Cosmetologist)

Casket Case ; Fran Rizer ; Callie Parrish Mystery, Bk 3 ; South Carolina ; Cosmetician (Mortuary Cosmetologist)

I Scream, You Scream ; Wendy Lyn Watson ; Mystery à la Mode, Bk 1 ; Texas ; Proprietor of an Ice Cream Parlor

Scoop to Kill ; Wendy Lyn Watson ; Mystery à la Mode, Bk 2 ; Texas ; Proprietor of an Ice Cream Parlor

--------------------------End of Week 1------------------------------------------------------------------

A Parfait Murder ; Wendy Lyn Watson ; Mystery à la Mode, Bk 3 ; Texas ; Proprietor of an Ice Cream Parlor

Roast Mortem ; Cleo Coyle ; Coffeehouse Mystery, Bk 9 ; New York ; Manager/Partner of/in Coffeehouse


  1. Thanks for posting a list of all these lovely cozies.

  2. Well, I understand about the shutting down thing. :) Next year, I plan on not reading fiction for a year. That will include no reviews posted on Amazon and no socializing on GoodReads. I need to single focus on my own writing.

    I will miss you and hate to lose track of you completely, but I understand that you have to do what's best for you.

  3. I'm so tickled you read all of the Mysteries a la Mode (back to back!) ... hope you enjoyed them. :)

  4. Ann - Posting the titles of what I'm reading isn't a problem (And they are lovely cozies). Maybe I'll just stick to that. =)

    J. Kaye - That's part of why I don't want to lose it. The being able to talk with other book lovers and making and keeping up with new friends (and the recording what I'm reading). But then the "review" part starts to feel like something to put off, and then I'm so behind it becomes overwhelming, and then it loses the fun. ::shrug:: We'll see.

    Wendy Lyn Watson - I most certainly did enjoy them. Back to back is the best way to go. =) Sorry I probably won't be posting on them. =/


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