Friday, September 3, 2010

Not a Great Start

So I picked out my first read of my new beginning... Chosen partially because it was in my room (instead of the basement w/ the majority of my books), but also because the cover appealed, I remember I thought it sounded good when I first heard of it, etc.

I read 26 1/2 pages, and I'm officially giving up. The writing is driving me mad.  Something to do with the sentence structure, but I never bothered to learn (or remember) enough of the technical jargon to really explain. Turns out, the author was a 14 year old girl.  Apparently that's what makes the difference.

In any case, for any interested, Ginger High is supposed to be (according to reviews on Amazon) a very creative work.  You just have to be tolerant of the sentence structure, jumpiness of the story, and (though I didn't get far enough in to see some of this) multitude of characters (comments indicate too many for the reader to truly connect with any).

Disclaimer: I'm not saying I could do better.  I'm not a writer; I don't have that skill/ability.

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