Sunday, May 9, 2010

Who ever thought spending money on books would be hard?

This is another question post.  I would LOVE some input... comments, advice, whatever...

I'm in a weird spot.  If you've been reading my blog, you probably know I am unemployed and flat broke.  This means, other than a standing order for JAK/JC/AQ books (which has since been cancelled), I have not purchased a new book (non-textbook) in at least 6 months, maybe closer to a year.  All books coming in have come through PBS, purchased used at low prices (under $1), checked out at the library...  Even the B&N gift card I got for my Birthday (back in Sept.) went toward spring semester's text books.  I simply haven't been able to justify purchasing a book new.  Which brings me to the following...

I helped my mother with some stuff around the house in exchange for some spending money ($10-15).  Today she offered to up the amount received if I took it in the form of a B&N gift card she had (along w/ helping out w/ a few additional chores).  So I went to B&N with a $25 GC and 10% coupon (received in my email)... and bought nothing.  That's right. NOTHING.

It was so overwhelming!  How do I choose one WL item over another?  I don't want to purchase my first new book in ages if it's not a keeper, but I don't want to waste this opportunity purchasing a re-read either.  And what about all the fascinating looking books I discovered just walking through the store? Choices, choices, choices! (Another option is to use the GC to renew my membership, but then I won't have any money to spend, so what good would the member discount be?)

So question(s): Have you ever found spending money on books difficult? (Please keep in mind, this was in the form of a GC for a bookstore so bills, food, clothes, gas, and other such necessities aren't reasons not to spend it.)  If you had so many choices and limited resources, how would you decide?  Oh, and I worked for this and am keeping it for myself. ;p

My ma also got a GC for Olive Garden (she got to choose from a list as a fift from the company she works at for Secretary's Day, if you were wondering), so she has said we'll go to B&N (again, for me) sometime this week (b4 my coupon expires) and go to Olive Garden afterwards.  I need to have some idea of what I'm getting by then...


  1. wow..that's cool.i never receive any giftcard before so i wouldnt know. But to buy anything with a certain budget/amount is REALLY hard.

  2. Darlyn - Never? For me, my family knows I love reading. Therefore, books are the best presents. But it's easier to just give a GC (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) than try to choose books I'll like (they gave up on that when I was 13-14yo).

    Anyway, I totally agree about having a budget. I find it especially difficult when it's a budget for a want instead of a need.

  3. I would say the best route to go (when in doubt) is to pick an author you love and see if they have any new releases that you haven't read. If they don't, then go online and do that "like this book" lookup. I am sure you can find a keeper or two in there! It can be tough finding one worthy of using it on but I have no doubt that you will :)

  4. I often have to decide which books I absolutely HAVE to get, because I'm a student too and can't afford to buy loads (although I sometimes do anyway, then survive on noodles all month, LOL) ... so what I do is spend hours reading other blogger reviews of books I might enjoy(especially focusing on bloggers who I know aren't afraid to write negative reviews), googling other reviews, checking amazon reviews etc ... and picking a book that loads of people seem to love, also taking into account negative commentary and whether what bothered other people would annoy me too ... it's a mission, but it really helps ... and, I mean, I love books, so it isn't exactly pulling teeth for me or whatever, lol ... and I find I usually end up with something I LOVE! So my advice would be to research the novels you have your heart set on until you're fed up :D

  5. Felicia - For most of the author's whose writing I love, I've turned to the library. Which means I'm actually not that far behind. But I'm sure I've overlooked someonse, so I need to sit down and think about this. Thanks for the advice!

    Bella - Wow. You obviously put a lot of effort into picking just the right book(s). I can totally see myself trying that and ending up with an even longer list of WLed books. =)

    But I'll definitely check out other blogs. It'll be the perfect time to catch up on commenting and explore some of the new blogs I've been finding through blog hops and memes.

    I'll just have to be quick about it.


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