Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Spotlight (2) - Favorite Male Mystery Writer

So Lori (@ Lori's Reading Corner) has started a new meme called the Saturday Spotlight where various book related topics will be "spotlighted."

This week's spotlight is on our Favorite Male Mystery Writers.

I have to say this is difficult for me. It'd be much easier if it was just Male Writer or Male Fantasy Writer. The problem is I apparently don't read much by Male Mystery Writers.

  • I've read 2 James Patterson books as a teen and hated them. I've been meaning to try again, but haven't yet.
  • I've been stockpiling Lawrence Block books, but I wanted to have most the series before I started so... no go.
  • I read one Harlan Coben book, but I don't feel I can say he's a favorite until I've read more.  Same for John Sandford.  And I LOVED The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (read as audio...Elliot Gould was the perfect voice for it). But again, I've only read the one book by him.
  • There is John J. Lamb and his cozy Teddy Bear Collector series. But while I enjoyed the series, can I really say he's my favorite male mystery author?
  • And as a teen I read a lot of John Grisham and Jack Higgins (particularly his Sean Dillon books), but those are more thrillers, right?
So thanks to all the great male mystery authors I've read (and those I've yet to), but my favorite remains a mystery.


  1. Some of the authors you mentioned I have not heard of. Will have to check them out to see if they should go on my tbr. My spotlight is posted here

  2. It totally get you...I do't read a lot of mystery books but of the ones I have it would be Stieg Larsson.

  3. CMash - Thanks for stopping by. I've heard great things about everyone I named, so I hope you end up liking them. =)

    Sa Toya - I do read mysteries, but they are mostly cozies and, it seems, mostly female authors.

  4. Well, you've read some great mysteries by some great writers :)

    Harlan Coben, JP I've read. Lawrence Block is a new author to me and one I may have to give a whirl :)

  5. I haven't read a lot of mystery books but I was thinking i should start. Great spotlight.

  6. My daughter stands by her love of James Patterson lol But I picked Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the Sherlock Holmes writings. Great meme blog post.

  7. Wendy - I have a thing for thief books. That's what drew my attention to Lawrence block. He has a series about a burglar. =)

    Morgan - Mysteries can be a lot of fun. And you can usually mix mysteries w/ other genres... A book that's both mystery and romance, a book that's both mystery and paranormal/fantasy, YA mysteries, chick lit mysteries, classic lit. mysteries, etc. Wherever your interests lie.

    VH - I've wanted to read some Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for a while now. Maybe it's time to actually start...


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