Monday, May 24, 2010

A Reading Slump (Discussion/Question)

Do you have reading (and or blogging) slumps?

If you haven't noticed from my blogging I'm in a reading/blogging slump.

When do you get reading slumps? ... What causes them?

I've been in full-on avoidance of pressure mode and that (unfortunately) means vegging in front of the TV and little else (oh, and sleeping, but I'm blaming the nasty cold I got for that).

I read one book this past week (The Tale of Despereaux: being the story of a mouse, a princess, some soup, and a spool of thread by Kate DiCamillo, Illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering). That isn't normal for me.

Please pardon me while I make a brief detour. The discussion will eventually get back on track...

Now to update on my last discussion/question (THANKS for all the advice/responses!), I ended up going back to B&N on Tuesday (following my post). That was sooner than I planned and meant I didn't get the opportunity to research. While there, I remembered one book I do still need by a favorite author of mine (Robin D. Owens). Unfortunately, they didn't have anything by her in stock. I'll be buying Heart Change online. But I've been waiting until I can get the rest of the series (currently boxed up at my brother's house).

Which brings me back to the question on hand. I'm sure I can get out of this reading slump once I have a series I know and love on hand (and I may sneak some other comfort reading books while I'm at it). Comfort reading can pretty much always get me out of a slump.

How do you get past reading slumps?
(And doesn't that sound like some horrible disease?)


  1. I always kind of go with the ebb and flow of reading. I don't want my hobby to turn into a "job" so when I go through a low reading period, I just make sure to only hit the books I want :) I think, as with most things I love, that it usually means that following that "low" period will be a period of "can't get enough".

  2. I don't want reading to become a job, but when I'm in a slump I usually feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. I can't say I care for the feeling. =) Luckily, it seems I was right about reading a series I'm familiar with. I started yesterday and I'm mid-way through the 4th book.


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