Monday, March 15, 2010

The Christopher Killer

Title: The Christopher Killer

Author: Alane Ferguson

Publisher: Sleuth Viking

Copyright Date: 2006

Print Date: May 2006

ISBN: 0670060089

Pages: 274

Series: 1st of the Forensic Mystery series

Book Description (from dust jacket):
THE SLEEPY ROCKY MOUNTAIN TOWN of Silverton, Colorado hasn't seen a murder in years, according to Pat Mahoney, the county coroner. So when his teenage daughter, Cameryn, asks if she can be his assistant — as preparation for a career in forensic pathology — he figures it's a safe bet. But neither of them imagines that their first case will involve someone Cameryn knows . . . the fourth victim of a serial killer called the Christopher Killer.

Attending her first autopsy is more difficult than Cameryn had ever expected, but she s determined to find her friend s murderer. Before long, Cameryn is plunged into a disturbing mystery, matching wits with everyone from the cantankerous medical examiner who doubts her abilities to the famous psychic who is predicting yet another death — soon.

Edgar-award winner Alane Ferguson has written a smart and fascinating forensic mystery — the first of many.

I have to say the idea of a 17 year old working for a coroner was startling (Not to say there's anything wrong with it. I was off at college by 17 and taking forensic classes — not like handling the reality of murder, but still — by 18. I guess I just never thought of age and that sort of job). Cameryn certainly has a better memory for the details of forensics than I ever had (hmmm...maybe if I had studied more).

The mystery is nice. Part looking at evidence, part stumbling on answers (classic amateur sleuth there). I wasn't as fond of the big reveal in Cameryn's personal life (family secrets), but maybe it'll read better in the rest of the series.

Nevertheless, an interesting and enjoyable read.

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