Monday, January 26, 2009

A Dead-End Job Mystery

Hmmm, I'm already slacking on keeping this updated. Just hope I do better in the future.

I've been reading Elaine Viets's Dead-End Job Mystery series—finished Murder Unleashed today. It's an interesting series, and actually kind of relevant to me since I'm looking around for a dead-end job myself (there is a hiring freeze in my chosen field, and I have no plans to move ::sigh::). I'm getting ideas of where I might try applying to. It has caused me to wonder about something else though. There are jokes and comments throughout the series about how Canadians are cheap. I wondered what Canadian readers thought of this. I tried going to (thinking I might find some reviews by Canadians). However, most of the reviews were by Americans, and the anonymous reviewers did not mention this subject at all. I am left wondering. Maybe I'll get some answers when I review the books on eHarlequin...

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