Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Blog... An Introduction

I've never been good about keeping up with a blog. I'm going to give this a whirl, but I will not be able to guarantee regular updates. (I certainly intend to regularly update it, but, well...)

I read several genres including: romance (paranormal, contemporary, sometimes historical, sometimes category), mystery (most often cozies), fantasy (Mercedes Lackey, Steven Brust, Tamora Pierce, etc.)... I enjoy reading children's and YA books in addition to adult. I occasionally dip into Inspirational, Historical, Classic Literature... Really I've tried just about everything but erotica (which I will continue to avoid). I don't read much non-fiction, except as required of me, so I'm pretty limited in that area as well...

The plan is to discuss what I'm reading (I'm not very good at reviews, so more often than not this will just include basic info and a blurb), perhaps thoughts inspired by books I've read or thoughts about books inspired by something I saw or heard... As I go along I may work into some regular formatting or change the direction of the blog... for now, I'll stay flexible.

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