Monday, September 3, 2018

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein

Title: Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein

Author: Linda Bailey; Illustrated by Júlia Sardà

Publisher: Tundra

ISBN: 9781770495593

Length: Unnumbered + "Author's Note" + "Sources"

Obtained: Library hardcover picture book


I have a series of Frankenstein programs scheduled for work, and I've been reading some Frankenstein related books (just kids books so far). This is one of them, but I realized when I finished it that the author, Linda Bailey, is Canadian, so I'm posting to fulfill the 12th Annual Canadian Book Challenge.

 This is a children's book that looks into Mary Shelley's background from her childhood on. It focuses on what inspired her creation of Frankenstein, from her "dreamer" nature as a child to the challenge that prompted the story. The illustrations are charming, and I couldn't help but like Mary her past and creativity is uncovered.


  1. I really like the cover of this book!

    1. Agreed. The illustrations throughout are just as great.


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