Monday, June 19, 2017

Introvert Doodles
Title: Introvert Doodles: Illustrated Look at Introvert Life in an Extrovert World

Author: Maureen "Marzi" Wilson [Website][Facebook][Twitter]

Publisher: Adams Media

ISBN: 9781507200018

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I thought I would relate and that it would be a fun read.


I've read other books of this sort by Allie Brosh, Sarah Andersen, etc. that I enjoyed much more.  I'm figuring the difference is the mental status.

Those books seemed to come more from a position of some mental issues (depression and the like) that I could relate to and find humor in.  This one seems to come more from a "I choose this life and I'm happy in it and you need to accept that".  That's well and good, this is her (Marzi's) life after all.  But as an introvert who does have those insecurities and who doesn't have tons of friends trying to talk to me (Because that's the main thing that bothered me.  She was always running away from friends and parties and so forth, and I don't even have those coming up in my life to run away from), I couldn't relate the way I had expected.

It was okay, and a quick read.

So I wrote the above awhile back (I am WAY BEHIND).  I was just finding and attaching the author bio so I could post, and I see she has a whole section on "Mental Heath".  Just poking around, I recognize some from the book.  So maybe it's a matter of perspective; I don't know.  What I do know is, I didn't really connect at the time of reading the book, and the above is accurate of my impressions.

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