Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth

Title: Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth

Author: Guinnevere Shuster [Facebook]

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9781449477844

Obtained: Free from NetGalley

Why this book?:

Look at the cover! How could I pass it up?


Like many animal lovers I'm drawn to photograph books of our furry friends.  I'm also continuously on the lookout for heartwarming or inspiring dog books for my grandmother to read/peruse.  So I was quick to request this title.

The descriptions are mostly just like what you'd find on an online adoption site, but with the addition of a (generally) happy ending.  I'll be honest and admit I started skimming over those.

But the pictures are great.  Four shots of each dog, showing shelter dogs of several breeds and mixes in their most charming, fun, and entertaining poses.  Each featured dog has the opportunity to express their personalities up close in a way most could not.  Guinnevere managed to capture some of the looks I've seen but would never be able to catch on camera myself, as well as some completely new-to-me but still adorable dog expressions.

I enjoyed the book, I expect my grandmother will too (when the library gets it), and I hope the best for the shelter (The Humane Society of Utah) all these dogs came from at some point in their journey.

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