Monday, August 31, 2015

Big Hero 6

Title: Big Hero 6

Author/Illustrator: Haruki Ueno (Translation: Alethea and Athena Nibley [Twitter] ; Lettering: Lys Blakeslee [Website])

Publisher: Disney Enterprises

Series: Big Hero 6, Volume 1

ISBN: 9780316263894

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

Uhm, Big Hero 6 was a fabulous movie and I could not resist the manga.


This is a proper manga, not just a graphic novel, and the format is NOT meant for reading aloud.  This means I couldn't comfortably read this to the kiddos (now 4, 6, and 7) the way I could Amulet.  It was disappointing since the kids loved the movie Big Hero 6.

Also, the story isn't the same in all ways, and the characters don't gel with who they are in the movie, but I still managed to enjoy reading this.  I look forward to reading volume 2 and seeing more of Hiro, Baymax, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Go Go, and Fred.

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