Sunday, December 7, 2014

Search and Rescue

Title: Search and Rescue

Author: Gail Anderson-Dargatz [Website][Twitter]

Publisher: Raven Books Rapid Reads

Series: Clair Abbott Mystery, Bk 1

ISBN: 9781459805767

Length: 102 pages

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

This is one of the Rapid Reads books I asked the library to read.  It is also another book that counts toward the 8th annual Canadian Book Challenge held by The Book Mine Set since Gail Anderson-Dargatz lives in British Columbia.


Hmmm.  Claire seems like an interesting character.  But her mom seems a bit of a ditz and Claire has indications of following in her footsteps - and I'm not referring to the psychic abilities.  This is one of the Rapid Reads which means it is supposed to promote adult literacy.  It takes place all in one night, with dangerous conditions and scenario to help keep the blood pumping and the reader involved.  

In general, I enjoyed it, and I probably would/will read more of the series.  

But that isn't to say I didn't recognize problems and they do exist.  The rest of this has SPOILERS... beware...

- Claire stands up her date - again.  And despite repeated reminders, never calls to tell him or explain.
- Claire, once knowing she's going to trek around in dangerous winter conditions in search of a missing girl, does not take the time to stop and change her entirely inappropriate clothes or pick up the mobile phone she left at home.
- Claire's mom, instead of getting help in a hostage situation, sticks around so they all are in danger with no possibility of backup.  This leaves them dependent on sheer luck. !!! This is the only point I mention about Claire's mom, but it is such a big one I just couldn't BELIEVE it.
- After everyone, including Mike, believes in Claire, he takes her out.  Claire STILL hasn't contacted her planned date.  She thinks it's over, and has decided she's not really into him.  But she hasn't even told him yet.  Seemed kinda tacky and in poor manners.  On both her and Mike's parts (he's aware of the situation).

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