Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Cure for Dreaming + Giveaway

Title: The Cure for Dreaming

Author: Cat Winters [Website][Twitter][Facebook]

Publisher: Amulet

ISBN: 9781419712166

Length: officially 368 pages OR my copy 342 p. + "When and Where U.S. Women Gained Full Suffrage" + "Recommended Reading"

Obtained: ARC snagged at ALAAC14

Why this book?:

It looked interesting, and after briefly skimming the back cover, sounded intriguing.


If I had really understood what this book was I probably wouldn't have read it.  That would have been a shame...

I am so profoundly relieved and grateful that women before me fought to make life better for the future generations.  As I read I tried to imagine what my life would be like when and where Olivia's story took place (1900 Portland, Oregon).  What I would be like.  It's unfathomable and terrifying.

So even while I'd get so emotionally involved as I read this that my hands would be shaking or I'd be nauseous, I remained enthralled.  I wanted to know how things came out for Olivia, a 17-year-old budding suffragette.

On her birthday (Halloween) she attends a show with her friends.  There is a new, young hypnotist in town (Henri).  In the course of his show he asks for volunteers.  Olivia is the first of them.  This is the first time Henri hypnotizes Olivia, but it won't be the last.  Olivia's father has word that she's been supporting a suffragette movement.  He has the idea that she can be hypnotized into changing her ways.  Thus begins a mesmerizing tale of a young girl's fight to discover her voice.

Interspersed throughout the book are pictures and quotes from the time, reminding the reader that the underlying history was all too real.  It seems Cat Winters has already written another historical YA book, In the Shadow of Blackbirds, that I'd definitely be interested in reading.


If you'd like to try this book (due to published this October), please enter using the form below. ( I seem to be having technical details, so if you can't get the form to work or don't see it, leave your email address in the comments.)  Open internationally.  The winning entrant 2 days (48 hours) from contact to respond back with a mailing address. Non-response will result in a new winner.

Winner: Kimberly!


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    1. I surprisingly enjoyed it - enough that I might call it one of my top reads so far this year.


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