Monday, May 26, 2014

The Accidental Book Club

Title: The Accidental Book Club

Author: Jennifer Scott [Website][Facebook][Twitter] aka Jennifer Brown [Website]

Publisher: NAL Accent

ISBN: 9780451418821

Length: 342 pages + "Conversation Guide" (Includes "A Conversation with Jennifer Scott" and "Questions for Discussion"

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

I saw this (I can't remember where.  In a professional magazine maybe?), thought it sounded interesting, and put in a purchase request for it.  It's due tomorrow, so I started reading...


I read this straight through in one sitting.  Yes, I found myself skimming here and there.  In those instances I had to backtrack a bit to see what I missed.  I noticed the skimming mostly happened when some past event was being remembered (like a flashback).  But outside of those parts I found myself caught up.

Jean's part of a monthly book club.   They take their monthly meetings as opportunity to enjoy "good" food (though it sounded positively disgusting to me) and the books they love (though I COULD NOT have read some of the books they discussed).

The book club that was formed when Jean found out her husband was ill is there as a support, a comfort, humor when life needs it... all that.  All the members have issues that need worked on and have problems in life, but they find, with each other, they can continue and grow.

Anyway, when Jean finds out her daughter's life is a mess and her grandaughter Baily is a troubled teen, it is her book club that helps her work through everything.  It isn't that they are involved in every step.  Jean doesn't tell them everything.  But they are there for Jean when she needs them, and support her throughout.

I felt so bad for Baily.  And when Jean first re-encounters her grandaughter and fumbles so, I couldn't help but feel frustration rise.  But even then she was head over heels better than Baily's parents.

Anyway, their relationship is a process and the ending was satisfactory.  I left the book feeling an appreciation for the human connection and the spirit of women who stand up for each other.  The other thing I came out of this book with?   A reminder of how books can come to the rescue. =)  


  1. Thank you for this review sounds like something I would love to read, I love to read books about books

    1. So do I! Books about books are great, and I've been finding more and more of them.


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