Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Good Tidings

Title: Good Tidings

Author: Terri Reid [Website] [Facebook]

Series: Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery, Bk 2


Length: 381 KB (284 pages)

Obtained: Free ebook copy on Amazon during a special promotional period

Why this book?:

It is the second book in a series that was recommended to me.  I enjoyed/was interested in the 1st book enough to go on.


So the prologue caught me.  Even though I couldn't understand the trust.  I was mentally shouting NO!!! Bad Idea!  Anyway, that meant I was pretty edge of my seat when chapter 1 starts off in a light-hearted way.  And I was impatient for them to get on with it!  Find the baby!  Because, oh, did I mention?, this is a baby-kidnapping-fradulant-adoption story.  (A theme that I've seen before, but this had an interesting twist.  Or at least an interesting information source.)

Once the story catches up with the drama, I settled in.  The bad guy is pretty obvious.  Not a problem for me.  There were valid reasons why it wouldn't be as obvious to the characters as to the reader.  I did read a review on Amazon that pointed out some plot line connection issues that, now that I'm thinking of them, do make me wonder.  But overall I still enjoyed the story.

And I've already continued on and read book 3.  (There's a bit of a cliffhanger that made me glad I already had it on hand.)

Oh, and in (accidental) perfect timing, the story starts on Black Friday and ends around Christmas.  So I was actually in season.

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