Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beautiful Lego

Title: Beautiful Lego

Author: Mike Doyle [Blog]

Publisher: No Starch Press

ISBN: 9781593275082

Length: 263 pages

Why this book?:

I saw it on Wowbrary and thought my nephew would get a kick out of it.


This is a photograph book of various Lego creations. Some are simply breathtaking in their details. Others are more simple. Some are amusing. Others inspire more serious emotions. Some are familiar scenes or characters, etc. Others are not.

Some pages I found especially appealing. For instance, there is a series done only in black and white or crumbling houses that really struck me. Another, called "Grandpa! You better not be using my loofah again!" Had me grinning in amusement. (My nephew pointed that one out, giggling, because he's naked and you see his butt).

Some Lego creations have close-up pictures along with the regular photographs to allow a better view of the details.

Both of my nephews enjoyed the book, as did I.  Overall, I am very glad I checked this out and took the time to look at it.

Audio Interview with Beyond the Brick:

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