Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monument to the Dead

Title: Monument to the Dead

Author: Sheila Connolly aka Sarah Atwell

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

Series: Museum Mystery, Bk 4

ISBN: 9780425257128

Pages: 309

Obtained: Library copy

Why this book?:

It's the next in the Museum Mystery series I've been enjoying.


So things have settled down at the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society.  But then Nell reads the obituary of a former board member.  Nothing unusual there - she was in her 80s and the death seemed to be of natural causes.  But then Nell's new romantic interest, FBI agent James Morrison (they are finally dating - about time), says he suspects it may be something more.  Unfortunately, he has no evidence.  Now they're tracking a serial killer with no physical evidence and no official backup.  Good thing Nell and her crew are resourceful and have an insiders knowledge of the local cultural set.

There is just something about Nell, her career, and her professional skills and talents that gives me a twinge of jealousy.  When introduced to anyone new (and for awhile after that) I'm inclined to be shy, and I'm positively terrible at small talk.  But if I only had that gift of gab like some family members (I can think of one cousin in particular that is outgoing and persuasive), I think I'd enjoy the fundraising, etc. of the world that Nell is immersed in.  The fact of the matter is I don't have that gift, but I can ignore that twinge and pretend.

Anyway, as usual I enjoyed the book.  And with how things ended I'm definitely interested in reading the next book.

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