Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finishing up 2012 with some Children's Books, Part 1

Title: Bedtime is Canceled

Author: Cece Meng; Illustrated by Aurélie Neyret

Publisher: Clarion Books

ISBN: 9780547636689

Obtained: Library copy


As soon as I saw the title on Wowbrary, I knew I had to read this.  The story did not disappoint.  First, the concept is such a fun idea.  What happens when bedtime is canceled?  Second, the flow of the writing was wonderful.

And, of course, the illustrations went well with the book.  You could see how everybody felt about this new bit of news.  I especially enjoyed seeing how mischievous Maggie looked, and whenever his parents were looking at him, Maggie's brother had the perfect look of false innocence.

Title: My Race Car

Author: Ace Landers; Illustrated by David A. White

Publisher: Scholastic / Cartwheel Books

ISBN: 9780545436465

Obtained: Library copy


This is a shiny board book in the shape of a race car with the window/top of the car acting as a handle).  I had to check it out for my youngest nephew (1 almost 2 yr) who has a special fondness for various modes f transportation.  With the repetition, rhyme, and brevity, the book was easy for him to sit and listen.  Then he spent extra time looking at the flashy cover and other illustrations.

Title: Never, EVER Shout in a Zoo

Author: Karma Wilson; Illustrated by Doug Cushman

Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company

ISBN: 0316985643

Obtained: Library copy


I loved this book, it's such fun to read as you're told why you should:
Never, EVER shout in a zoo...
because if you do...
anything might happen.
And don't say I didn't warn you.
The story is very cause and effect.  You shout, you scare the bear.  Only then you're told how this isn't just any bear, because it's giant.  And not only giant, but grouchy.  And I'm having trouble not just typing up the story for you, which would be plagiarism, so I'll stop.  But you see the vocab in there?  And there's even better vocab as you go along - you may know (if you've read any of my past posts on children's books) that I especially appreciate books that emphasize vocab.

But beyond that it's just so much fun.  I enjoyed reading it aloud to the kiddos; I got to be very dramatic while doing so.  And the book was humorous (for me at least) all the way through to the last illustration.

Title: The Shelf Elf

Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins; Illustrated by Rebecca McKillip Thornburgh

Publisher: Upstart Books

Series: Shelf Elf, Bk 1

ISBN: 1932146164

Obtained: Library copy


I couldn't help but think, as I read this that we certainly don't have any of these elves at my library (currently under construction and, as you can imagine, very dusty).  The little quips from Scoob's book about library manners and book care were cute and put me in the mind of the Spiderwick Chronicles.  The first one, about shelf markers, intrigued me because I honestly didn't know anything about them.  In all my years as a library patron (school, academic, and public libraries), library school, and currently working at a library, I somehow managed to miss this idea.  I found the description of what a shelf marker's purpose is enlightening.  Other things of note include:

One page asks the reader to identify three books put back incorrectly.  My 3 (nearly 4) yo niece had trouble with this, but I assume an older child wouldn't.

The tip about keeping books away from little ones and dogs that chew was amusing.  The books I've seen come in that obviously weren't kept away from babies and dogs are numerous.

The librarian's name is Paige Turner. (lol!)

There's a list of things to search for at the end (right up the kiddos alley).  Suddenly the interesting (but unlikely) objects to be found among the books in all of the illustrations made sense.

Apparently there's a follow-up book, titled The Shelf Elf Helps Out, that I may get around to checking out at some point.


  1. I think it would hurt my heart to see books leave in good condition and arrive back with bite marks.

    1. It hurts more when it's your family member (or family animal) that did it.

      I bought this book, No No Yes Yes for the kids. It's a lovely board book. There's even a spread for No NO to tearing up books, YES YES to reading them. My niece ripped the spine of of it. I freaked. And my cat has chewed the corners/edges of my table books. GRRRR.

      Believe me, I don't care nearly so much when some stranger did it.


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