Monday, January 21, 2013

Dora, Tangled, and... Library Mouse? They don't make much sense together, do they?

Happy Birthday, Dora! Adapted by Diana Michaels; Illustrated by Robert Roper (library copy)

I chose this board book because my niece and youngest nephew had their birthdays coming up and within a week of each other.  Plus they've always like Dora.  I had a little trouble stumbling over all but the most basic Spanish parts.  But overall it was a cute story of Dora celebrating her birthday with all her family and friends (even Swiper was there and not swiping!).  The story ends with a round of hugs, so of course that's what we did too.  =)

I Am Rapunzel by the Disney Storybook Artists (library copy)

I decided to check this board book out after I checked it in for a patron because my niece loves Rapunzel.  The cover is glittery which is cool.  As for the actual story, it's pretty much a very abridged portion from the movie.   It was all the better that it happens to be about the lights and Rapunzel's birthday!  Perfect timing.

Library Mouse (Library Mouse, Bk 1) by Daniel Kirk (library copy)

I picked this up because of the library aspect, of course.  It was really cute.  And all three kiddos listened.  And it created dialogue and discussion and all those good things.  It's encouraging and inspiring.  Am I gushing?  I really liked this book.  Sam the mouse lives in the library.  He reads all the books.  And then he decides to write his own.  After he creates a sensation with his new books, he encourages others to write as well.  I mean really.  How cool is that?  And now that I know there are 3 more library mouse books following I'll be checking them out as well.


  1. I'm going to get more board books as my 2 yr old granddaughter has taken to ripping out pages of her books.

    1. Good idea. Just keep in mind, they can rip the board books up too. I speak from experience.

  2. Jo, anything with the word "library" in the title, I'm attracted to as well.

    1. You should read it. I thought of you when I was writing my comments. It's a children's version of you can write/write your story kind of thing.


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