Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Red Herring Without Mustard

Title: A Red Herring Without Mustard

Author: Alan Bradley; Read by Jayne Entwistle

Publisher: Books On Tape Mystery

Series: Flavia de Luce, Bk 3

ISBN: 9780307704795

Length: 9 discs; 10 hours 46 minutes

Obtained: Library copy


As with the first two books in this series, Flavia's character just drew me in.  This time she's investigating the "fishy" facts surrounding the assault of a gypsy woman and murder of a local poacher.  The story also delves further into the mystery that surrounds Harriet, the financial burdens of the surviving de Luce family, and, of course, Flavia's relationship with her sisters (in which I could FINALLY see some potential).  I did marvel at just how immature Flavia's sister Ophelia is.  She's supposed to be 17.  You'd think she'd be beyond picking on her little sister.

As for the narrating, at this point I couldn't imagine Flavia sounding any different.  I did find myself intrigued by one point in the book when Flavia tries on her best American accent.  When I was originally researching Jayne Entwistle I listened/saw her in a couple of bits.  A clip of a movie she acted in, an interview with her step-mother on improv and its use in therapy (I actually listened to the whole thing, btw.  It was interesting, plus I learned about "Yes, and...").  So I've heard her without the British accent before.  But this time it was Flavia without the accent, and that was altogether more fascinating.

Anyway, I've got a copy of the fourth (audio)book in the series, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, from the library.  I'll start it once I've finished the one I'm currently listening to.


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed this one. I absolutely love this series. I'll be reading the newest one and reviewing it one my blog later this month. Make sure you stop by and check it out. Great review!!


    1. I'm sure I will stop by. And probably be jealous even though I still have another before it.

  2. I'm listening to a book where I feel the same about the reader's voice. It matches so well.

    1. Isn't that wonderful? It makes a good book that much better when it has a good narrator.

  3. I love this series... am just reading a review copy of the latest one, Speaking from among the Bones, and it is SO GOOD. He just keeps getting better :)

    1. All these people with review copies! But I'm happy to hear from another person that is still enjoying this series. =)


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