Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Title: Dragonborn

Author: Toby Forward

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Series: Flaxfield Quartet, Bk 1

ISBN: 9781599907246

Pages: 344

Obtained: Library copy


I was drawn in by the dragon thing when I saw this while checking it in.  I love dragons, and I couldn't resist trying it for myself.

Sam comes back from fishing for dinner like he does every Friday only to find his master (as in an apprenticeship deal) dead.  He knows what to do, he's assisted with enough of the rituals for those who've passed.  But this was pretty much the only person in his life, the man who basically raised him, and he's grieving.  He doesn't have long before he all his master's former apprentices, none of which he's met, come for the ceremony.  And they're all skeptical of his status as apprentice wizard.  So he takes off before they can decide his fate for him.  But it isn't that simple when you add the evil that only Sam can release, the turning of magic from good to bad, and sheer lack of knowledge by several characters.

I enjoyed this fantasy and I found myself more intrigued than I expected to be.  The second (Fireborn) and third (Doubleborn) books are out in England but not the US; I suspect I won't have a chance to read them any time soon.  But I'd like to, so we'll see what I can manage.


  1. Hate that feeling of knowing I won't be able to continue on with a series anytime soon. At least I'm admitting the fact that I won't be able too. There was a time I couldn't. ;)

    1. I might be able to because my library purchase request was responded to with a yes, but I don't know if they're gonna wait until it comes out here or what. Admitting that is very difficult for me.


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