Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blog Carnivals and Mysteries

Have you ever heard of a blog carnival?  I hadn't before I started following the blog Mysteries and My Musings. The first Monday of every month a post with "Mystery/Crime Fiction/Suspense books and the craft of writing them" ... so long as there are enough contributions.  If you review these genres, interview their authors, or have posts with advice on fiction writing - even occasionally - please submit them (details here)! 

I've grown to appreciate this feature and when it didn't happen in November due to lack of involvement I was horrified.  I've submitted several of my own posts for December's carnival.  I hope you'll join in for January.


  1. Wow! That's neat! So your reviews are featured on their blog or did I misread this?

    1. Yeah. I just participated for the first time, but I've been checking them out for awhile. And you might find this one interesting (Not December's because there weren't any, but past month's) since posts with writing tips and the like are also featured.

    2. I did see the writing tips! ;) That's what caught my interest right of.


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