Monday, August 20, 2012

A Fatal Grace (Dead Cold)

Title: A Fatal Grace aka Dead Cold

Author: Louise Penny; Read by Ralph Cosham

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Series:  Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Mystery aka Three Pines Mystery, Bk 2

ISBN: 9780786168620

Length: 9 Discs; 10 1/2 hours

Obtained: Library audiobook copy


This is my 4th for the Canadian book challenge.

While the victim in the first book was someone everybody loved, the primary victim in this one is someone everybody hates.  This made for an interesting change.  I had suspicions about who might have been the murderer, then was completely thrown off track before, in the end, having my original guess confirmed.  

And, of course, I enjoyed revisiting some of the characters from this series... The Chief Inspector himself, Clara and Peter, and the other Three Pine villagers and members of the investigating team.   As in the first, Gamache's team and their interactions and reflections (primarily regarding Gamache) are a large part of the book.

There's also an underlying intrigue that is taking place throughout the book as well.  I'm hoping the next book will have some answers about that aspect of things.  That's right, I fully intend to read the third book as I am becoming connected with this series.  I have to wait, though, for my ILL request to come in or for us to receive it (my boss is ordering it).


  1. Love the cover. Has me wishing for winter...not that it snows here. ;) But I'm ready for the heat to go!

  2. Yeah, I kind of wish I was reading these with the proper holidays. The first was set around Canada's Thanksgiving, this one around Christmas and Boxing day, and the third around Easter.

    1. And I'm not sure about winter weather, but fall? That would be fabulous.


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