Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Thirteenth Chime

Title: The Thirteenth Chime

Author: Emma Michaels

Publisher: Bokheim Publishing

Series: Sense of Truth, Bk 1

ISBN: 9781453715062

Pages: 238

Obtained: ILL library copy



SincerelyEmmaM is one of my followers on GFC, and after checking out her blog I thought I'd give the first in her series a try.  I requested it from the library, had it sent via ILL, and voila.  So my thoughts and impressions are as follows...

I love the cover.  The eye with the clock in it is great, especially when you see it up close.  What little I had seen about the story prior to reading it.... mostly just the cover, title, and series title... caught my attention and intrigued me.  But when I actually read it, well, the writing itself feels a little awkward.  There's a mystery to be solved... who hurt Destiny's friend and her friend's mom?  Why? How?  And what does the clock that didn't work but then chimed 13 times have to do with it all?  All seem to make for an interesting story.  But I felt adrift through the majority of the book.  I couldn't get a hold on what was happening. And I had NO IDEA what the answer to any of those questions could possibly be.  Added to that is Destiny's relationship with David.  He's her ex- but the details are left a mystery to the reader for the bulk of the book.  And she can't seem to let him go entirely, which complicates things.

Anyway, I don't regret reading it, but I don't know that I'll continue with the series.  The second book, Anasazi, involves David and a girl named Megan.  There's also a third book, Firstling, due out this August and a 4th planned for next year.  Emma does have a new series coming out, though.  I am tempted to give the first of this new series, Owlet (due out this October), a try.


  1. Kudos for you! I couldn't finish the book. ;)

    BTW 365andMe is being replaced. :) It's a new phase, I guess.

  2. You tried? I have to say, I was already itching to try Prince of Thorns, and I just needed to finish this first (it was due that day), so that pushed me.

    You're going to blog again?!

    1. I did, but the writing style turned me off. Happens sometimes and luckily, not often.

      As far as blogging, I don't know. Have you seen an ex-smoker who carries around an unlit cigarette? That might be me, an ex-blogger who has a blank blog. ;)

    2. LOL! Well, let me know if take that nasty blogging habit up again so I read it. =)

    3. I did. I really did. I'm not sure whether to be ashamed or not, but you have to admit, it's a reoccurring theme of mine. I say I won't and then I do. I have no credibility with myself.

    4. I don't like your globe because I don't know how to hide my IP and don't care to pay to. But otherwise - looking good.

    5. I only have two or three friends, you being one, that will read my blog. Stuff like that is easy to remove. I just thought it was soooooo cool. :)

    6. Aw. Now I feel bad. If it hadn't been so specific about where I lived it would have been better. It did LOOK cool. So is there any rhyme or reason to which account you respond under? Cuz you've used both just today. ;p

    7. Oh don't. It's no biggie to me. I love the color grey--and I mean, truly love the color. My truck is a smokey grey, most of my clothes are grey and of course, there's my hair. Grey. ;) Though I cherish the color, it's a bit drab. I was just looking for a little...something to offset the drabness, but now I see there's that splash of orange or is that gold? I didn't notice that until I started posting.

      For now, I have two accounts. I try to log in to the TAN one, but sometimes, I don't pay attention. Plans are to phase out 365andMe completely.


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