Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gold Digger

Title: Gold Digger

Author: Vicki Delany

Publisher: RendezVous Crime

Series: Klondike Mystery, Bk 1

ISBN: 9781894917803

Pages: 317

Obtained: Library ILL copy


I really enjoyed this.  I liked Fiona, though at times she could be a bit arrogant.  She was very certain that she was the most beautiful woman in town and that, of course men would look at her, adore her, etc.  But beyond that, she's a strong woman, a good, loving mother, and a successful businesswoman.  So when a man who made a lot of enemies quickly in the town, in her dance hall, with her employees and customers alike is murdered and left in her place of business, well, of course she's going to look into it.  I liked some of the other characters as well.  Fiona's son Angus, the Constable Richard Sterling (of the North-West Mounted Police), and various other characters in town (like Mouse) made a charming lot.

In addition to the characters, I was intrigued by the setting and time period.  Can you imagine what it would be like during the Klondike Gold Rush?  Oh, there would be all the negative aspects, the impact on families, the way the men got caught in the gamble, the poor living conditions, etc.  And this story lets the reader see those points.  But it also displayed the adventure, and the hope for change and betterment.

The book has an alternating person view.  Written in first-person from Fiona's perspective and third-person from anyone else (mostly Angus, sometimes Constable Sterling, etc).  The transition took me by surprise the first time or two, but once I adjusted I actually appreciated this.  It allows the reader to connect with and better understand Fiona.  But you also get an idea of what is happening in her absence.  There's my never-ending curiosity peeking through.

Anyway, I've requested the second book, Gold Fever, through ILL as well.  The library has the third, Gold Mountain, on order already (that's actually what drew my attention to the series).  It looks like the 3rd book actually goes back to a time prior to the 1st, which is frustrating.  But I still hope to read both soon.


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