Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Witness

Title: The Witness

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons

ISBN: 9780399159121

Pages: 488

Obtained: Library copy

My Thoughts:

While the last Nora Roberts stand alone I read (The Search) was okay, I was glad to find that this one had more of the writing that has drawn me to NR books in the past.  Within the first few pages I was sucked in - unfortunate timing since I was only on a short break at work, but such is the way of things.  I really liked Elizabeth/Liz/Abigail.  I've always wished I could be so multi-talented, and admire such capability in the characters I read about.  But she was more than just talented.  She had just the right amount of tragic and sad in her life to make her more personable to the reader.  Brooks was a pretty charming character himself.  His family dynamic was similar to that of many of the characters of NR's past books.  And that family dynamic is an aspect of NR's books that I've always enjoyed.  I managed to fly through this book in a day.

Now I need to go back and read Chasing Fire which I accidentally skipped (I had to return it before reading... then forgot to check it out again).  I also need to start the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy.  I haven't read the Circle trilogy or Sign of Seven trilogy yet either, but I don't know if I will be any time soon.


  1. The Sign of Seven trilogy, is my all time favorite. I didn't start it until all three were out, thank goodness, because I read it back to back!

  2. Really. I've been nervous about reading that trilogy. Obviously, I'll have to get past that. =)

  3. I gotta ask now. Why nervous?

  4. I don't know. I guess because of the paranormal thing. Obviously Nora Roberts has had other paranormal stuff (curses, witches, greek mythology) that hasn't been a problem. And I have no problem with paranormal by other authors. I think I heard something (and I don't remember what) that made me feel like this particular trilogy ventured into new territory. The change made me nervous. But now I wonder if whatever I heard was unreliable. Guess I'll find out.

  5. I'd have started a journal about books to record things like this if I thought I'd be consistent. I know me...and I know I wouldn't.


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