Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Murder Abounds in this Post...

Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, Bk 3) by Darynda Jones (library copy) -

 I don't think I have much more to say than when I posted on the first 2 books in this series.  I love the humor, I could do without the sex stuff (though I know others enjoy that part), and I'm definitely interested to see what happens next.  In particular for this book, I especially appreciated the ending bit... it was intense and emotional.  Book 4, Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet, is due out this October (I think).

It Takes a Witch (Wishcraft Mystery, Bk 1) by Heather Blake aka Heather Webber (library copy) -

A witch cozy with a twist.  I enjoyed exploring that twist.  I liked Darcy as a character and found myself intrigued or charmed with several secondary characters.  And I appreciated the way the victim went from being someone to dislike to someone to feel sympathetic towards (I really wanted to say sorry for or pity, but those terms sound more negative than fits).  I look forward to reading the second book (due out in August) A Witch Before Dying.

Buried in a Book (Novel Idea Mystery, Bk 1) by Lucy Arlington (library copy) -

I picked this up knowing it was book related and excited to read it.  I found out the main character, Lila has a teenage son and I felt a bit more cautious.  In my experience, teenagers (as characters) can so often make a story less enjoyable.  Fortunately, I still enjoyed this book.  There's a trailer, but I couldn't find any code to embed it, so I'm stuck with a link.  I plan on reading the second book, Every Trick in the Book.

ETA: I'm pretty sure I saw a reference in there about a certain cozy mystery with a cupcake theme. Hmm... wonder what book that could be? ;p

An Appetite for Murder (Key West Food Critic, Bk 1) by Lucy Burdette aka Roberta Isleib (library copy) -

I have read and enjoyed Roberta Isleib's advice column books, so I know I like her writing.  I liked Hayley for the most part, but there were a couple things (I'm not sure I even really know what they are to describe) that irritated me a bit.  I think maybe how dependent she was on her friends or maybe that she repeated over and OVER how she had moved to the Key West for her ex.  On the other hand I was a fan of her restaurant reviews and her appreciation for cats.  I will read the next in the series, Death in Four Courses.


  1. Book three is out!?! (Grave series) I need to read two. I've tried to get back into reading and can't. Not sure why either. :(

  2. You are so behind. ;p I hope you're doing well with your writing and everything if you're missing out on the reading. Are you in a slump? Or just don't have time?

  3. I am! I'm having a heck of a time staying motivated with writing. I'm having to write in 15 min intervals. :( How's that for being ADD?

    As far as writing, I can't do any evening reading and maybe that's why I stopped reading. My system has changed in the last few months. If I go to bed too early, I'm up at 3:00. And no, I don't want to read that early in the morning.

    If I stay awake, I can't read because I will fall asleep. I hate being like this, but what can I do except adjust.

    I'm going to start reading in the day. Read a little, write a little and then maybe do some errands. Then back to reading a little, writing a little...


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