Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I've been reading...

Since they cozy challenge ended I've still been reading mostly cozies with a couple paranormal romances tossed in.

Pumped for Murder by Elaine Viets
Sprinkle with Murder by Jenn McKinlay (re-read)
Buttercream Bump Off by Jenn McKinlay
Murder by Mocha
by Cleo Coyle
Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Chick with a Charm by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick
Beaglemania by Linda O. Johnston

I'm currently reading How to Wash a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale.  This is the first attempt that has made it past the 1st chapter (I've a few false starts over the past year), so I'm good for now.

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  1. I haven't read the above book, but I'm a fan of Linda O. Johnston. I like her writing style.


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