Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cindy's Doctor Charming

Title: Cindy's Doctor Charming

Author: Teresa Southwick

Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition #2097

Copyright Date: 2011

Print Date: February 2011

ISBN: 9780373655793

Pages: 217

Series: 6th of the Men of Mercy Medical mini-series

Book Description (from back cover):

Neonatal specialist Nathan Steele thought he'd found happiness — until tragedy struck. A widower, he wasn't looking for a fairy-tale romance. Then he met a mysteriously familiar woman at a fundraiser who raced away, leaving behind a broken high-heeled shoe — and leaving him determined to know everything about her.

Hospital housekeeper Cindy Elliott refused to fall in love — especially with a wealthy doctor who seemed too charming to be true. But one kiss awakened a passion neither of them expected...and now Cindy was expecting the doctor's baby! Earning her trust sure wouldn't be easy, but Nathan was ready to do whatever it took to sweep Cindy off her feet — and carry her into happily ever after.

So I found this book in the library book sale room. I bought it because it was new (used, but I bought it in Jan. and it's a Feb. book), the title met one of my challenges, and it looked interesting. So...

I didn't fall in love with the characters. They had potential. But then things started feeling forced and kind of unnatural. Instead of being right in there with the characters, I was watching from a distance.

I hate to sound negative, because the story was okay. A little twist on a Cinderella theme. But the characters make a story for me, and this one didn't have that.

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