Monday, March 7, 2011

At Long Last, a Bride

Title: At Long Last, a Bride

Author: Susan Crosby

Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition #2043

Copyright Date: 2010

Print Date: May 2010

ISBN: 9780373655250

Pages: 217

Series: 3rd in the McCoys of Chance City mini-series

Book Description (from back cover):

Even though Dixie Callaghan had been in love with Joe McCoy since they were teenagers, she knew he'd never be happy living a small-town life, as her small-town husband. So she had to let him fly. Even if it meant flying away from her...


For years, his and Dixie's had been a can't-live-with-her/can't-live-without-her existance. Well, no more! It was time for his now ex-fiancée to stand on her own two feet. Even if it meant she ws walking away from him.

So why are all roads leading back to Chance City? And into each other's arms...

This was a quick, easy read. I chose it because the 'C' in Crosby fit my 2011 Harlequin/Silhouette Reading Challenge. (I had others, but I'm trying to do them in order, and my primary option fits the next challenge read better.) I haven't read the first two McCoys of Chance City books, but that was okay.

I did like Dixie although she was sometimes a mixed-up mess. And Joe was likeable as well, though he managed to be a bit of an idiot at times, IMO. (He decides he's going to make it possible for Dixie to find the life she's dreamed of with some other guy. Honestly. Of course, I have the advantage of knowing this is a HEA romance. Plus there's the title. ::grin::)

I found it kind of interesting that they were finding their own lives without each other for so much of the book. Instead of constantly being in each other's presense... most of that happened in the past and prior to this book. But then, that was kind of the point, so...

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