Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dubious Miss Dalrymple

Title: The Dubious Miss Dalrymple

Author: Kasey Michaels (Kathie/Kathryn Seidick)

Publisher: Harlequin Regency

Copyright Date: 1990

Print Date: March 2002

ISBN: 0373511841

Pages: 217

Series: This is a single title that may be related to others by reappearing characters. If so, I'm not sure where it fits in.

Book Description (from back cover):
Forced to assume a false identity, "John Bates" journeyed to the new Earl of Hythe's home to uncover a murderous plot. There he found Elinor Dalyrmple, sister to the newly ensconced earl and mistress of his seaside estate. At first glance, John dismissed her as merely a staid spinster. Yet once she let down her hair, sweet Elinor transformed into a beautiful butterfly — and a feisty damsel who was dubious of his devilish rogue persona. Suddenly John's carefully orchestrated masquerade was crumbling...under his own desire to reveal his true self to Miss Dalrymple!

This is a quick, light sweet romance. I can pretty much depend on enjoying any book by Kasey Michaels and this is no exception. Despite...

This book (and I think — though it's been awhile — some of her other Regency romances) should annoy me. The characters do and say things that would frustrate me beyond belief with most any other book/author.

And yet, Kasey Michaels writes (most of) her characters and stories with such great humor and just the right amount of the ridiculous that I end up really enjoying them. They make me smile and brighten things up.

For this book in particular... a touch of misunderstood/misheard rumors start and end the book. Elinor and her oblivious and innocent (he's so caught up in his art) brother have gone from not knowing where the next meal will come from to being incredibly rich. So of couse the supposedly desceased Earl doesn't believe this could be by chance. After all, someone tried to kill him. The bumbling on the part of all characters that follows is chock-full of more humor. And those should-be-annoying bits I mentioned.

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