Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tippy Toe Murder

Title: Tippy Toe Murder

Author: Leslie Meier

Publisher: Kensington Mystery - Partners in Crime

Copyright Date: 1994

Print Date: October 1996

ISBN: 1575663929

Pages: 240

Series: 2nd Lucy Stone Mystery

Book Description (from back cover):

With three kids underfoot, a fourth on the way, and an oppressive heatwave bearing down, homemaker Lucy Stone is hardly enjoying an idyllic summer. But her preoccupation with swelling ankles, Bavarian creme doughnut cravings, and sewing endless sequins on ballet recital tutus gives way to dread when Lucy learns that her waistline isn't the only thing that's recently vanished from Tinker's Cove...

The strange dissapearance of a retired dance instructor has teh tiny coastal town in a tizzy that turns to terror when the notoriously cantankerous shopkeeper is slain right on Main Street. Now Lucy's up to her bulging belly in local suspects and red herrings. Eluded by a cold-blooded killer, with her due-date looming and thermometer soaring, Lucy figures something has to break soon. With any luck, it won't be her water...


First, a note: Cozies in general (this one included) are not very gory or graphic. However, this does have some discussion of domestic abuse and includes one particularly sickening sentence about sexual abuse of an infant. Something for anyone sensitive about such issues to keep in mind.

Anyway... it took me a while to finally start this, but once I did I found it to be an enjoyable story. Each chapter starts with a line of the "pink slip" of instruction to parents regarding what preparation should be made for their children's ballet recitals. Lucy has two mysteries pulling at her. A missing person and a murder. And that's on top of being a mother and wife to a very active family (not to mention 6 months pregnant).

I think the author improved between her Mistletoe Murder and Tippy Toe Murder so I figure there will be even more improvement in her writing over the next 14+ books in the series. I'll be reading the 3rd book in the series, Trick or Treat Murder semi-soon.


  1. I've heard a lot about this series but I still haven't tried it. I have heard it compared to Diane Mott Davidson but I didn't really like the first one in that series.

  2. I've only read the first in the Diane Mott Davidson series. I don't remember much except I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it (else I would have already read more of the series).

    The first one in this series was okay, but I wasn't wowed. This one was better, and I'm hoping the books will keep improving as I get further into the series.

    I do have more motivation with this series, though, since the books fit so well w/ the Fall/Winter Mystery Reading Challenge, plus I already have the first 6 + some on my shelves...

  3. I love my cozy mysteries and probably don't read enough of them (too many genres intrigue me!). I'm definitely going to add this one to my wishlist. This series looks good.

  4. Bella - If you get a chance to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

    I go through phases with genres. Ususally reading one gets me in the mood to read more.


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