Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge Wrap Up

The Sookie Stachouse Reading Challenge is hosted by Beth @ Beth Fish Reads.

It runs through June 30th, 2010 - there is still time.  So, if you're interested in signing up, go here.

The post for reviews and updates by the participants can be found here.
Unfortunately, while I participated, I did not review any of the books/stories for this challenge.

I read 9 books (one of which was a re-read) and 5 short stories (which can now be found in one anthology, if you don't want to hunt them down like I did) for this challenge.

The Books/Stories:

1. Dead Until Dark (I've read this one, but I'll re-read it for the challenge)
2. Living Dead in Dallas
3. Club Dead
4. Dead to the World
"Fairy Dust" found in the Powers of Detection anthology
"One-Word Answer" found in the Bite anthology
"Dracula Night" found in the Many Bloody Returns anthology
5. Dead as a Doornail
6. Definitely Dead
"Lucky" found in the Unusual Suspects anthology
7. All Together Dead
8. From Dead to Worse
"Gift Wrap" found in the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology
9. Dead and Gone

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