Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sacrifices Made for Reading

I've been thinking about posting for some time now.  I've missed 2 "What are you reading on Monday?" memes and 2 "Teaser Tuesday" memes that I fully intended to do.  I've been extremely poor about commenting on other blogs (I think I've maybe posted once in 2 weeks)... I think about getting on here and I don't.  Why? 

Well it's a combination of things.  Mostly with the time school and family are taking out of my schedule, I need to make room for my continued reading.  Books are my escape and "rescue," of course, but also, I've been in the middle of a series and I hate stopping in a series.  Even a re-read series (maybe even more in a re-read one bc I'm anxious to get to the parts I remember especially enjoying). 

Anyway, I've been slacking on blogging and blog reading - as well as missing out on sleep - in order to fit in the amount of reading I'm accustomed to.  So for anyone still reading this...what do you sacrifice to make time for reading?  Or is it the other way around?  Do you sacrifice reading for other activities or commitments?


  1. Writing and sleeping. The writing part being the review -- I'm about nine books behind and about to be ten. Really eight and a short story, but if I keep it up, I will have read the entire anthology before I've caught up!

  2. Ah, see, I don't bother reviewing all the books I read - just those I haven't read before, especially if I want to comment on something that stood out. That way I don't have to worry about the read-but-unreviewed books piling up. =)

  3. So you do a lot of re-reading then?

    All the books that are currently waiting for me to write something are new-to-me. I haven't done much re-reading lately, but if I did and I'd already commented on the book once -- I wouldn't do it again unless the re-read was for a specific purpose (i.e, the Harry Potter challenge).

  4. I do quite a bit of re-reading, yes. But I also read my share of new-to-me...and I don't review all of those either.

    Considering I've only reviewed 12(?) books here and have read nearly 300 so far this year (including re-reads and new-to-me-reads) ... reviewing could easily become a chore.

  5. Yeah, it could see where that would be a problem. ;-)


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