Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do Not Build a Frankenstein!

Title: Do Not Build a Frankenstein!

Author (and Illustrator): Neil Numberman

Publisher: GreenWillow Books

Copyright Date: 2009

Print Date: July 2009

Pages: 35 (Picture Book)

Book Description (from dust jacket):

A Frankenstein is big.

He could push you really high on the swing.

He'd never get tired of giving you
rides on his shoulder.

A Frankenstein would be the perfect new best friend.

     Maybe you could
     build one. . . .



    Whatever you do,
Do Not Build a Frankenstein!

Why not?
Turn the page and find out!

Author/Illustrator Description (also from [inside back] dust jacket):

Neil Numberman has been drawing monsters since he was two years old. However, he has not gotten around to building a Frankenstein (yet). He currently resides in New York City, where he once cut his teeth at a top flight children's bookstore. This is his first picture book.


This is a library book my sister checked out and I decided to try. It had that lovely new glossy paged book smell. (Oooh, I love that smell.) Anyway...It's a fun & cute book, appropriate for this time of year. A new boy in town has gathered all the children together to tell them about the folly of building a Frankenstein.

Additional Comments:

I wrote this on paper last night, but before I typed it up here, I read some other reviews. For some reason, everyone else felt it necessary to point out that the folly of building a Frankenstein that I mentioned above is nothing more than the nusiance and time the Frankenstein causes and consumes. Like it must be made clear that this children's book is actually appropriate for children? In case that is an important part of reviewing a children's book (which, I obviously have little experience with) — please consider yourself notified.

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