Monday, April 13, 2009

The Shadow Within

Title: The Shadow Within

Author: Jenine Wilson

Publisher: Jensonbooks (Self-Published)

Copyright Date(s): 2006

ISBN: 1599756803

Pages: 208

Series: As of now, this appears to be a single title. I'm not sure if the author has plans for any related/connected books.

BOOK DESCRIPTION (from back cover):

Life is Never Simple
I should know.
My name is Jessie Connor and I'm a Senior at Leeland High School. Before, things may not have been simple, but they were predictable. The bullies were bullies. My parents, dysfunctional. My best friend, the goth who lived to shock.
I learned to deal with them all. Then I met the new student from France, and my life turned upside down. I think he may even be responsible for the totally bizarre deaths that have been happening. I would turn him in, if only I didn't like him so much......


I got this as an unbound copy through the LibraryThing Member Giveaway.

The characters and story are interesting.  Jessie is a high school student dealing with issues any might face. And those issues are important to the overall book. Jessie's dad is having an affair, her mom has turned to alcohol for comfort... Other issues include divorce and bullying. It's the paranormal aspect on top of this that really adds that extra spark. Wesley Peterson and his brother are different—hard to believe though it is. And something evil has followed them into Jessie's world.

  1. Interesting characters and story.
  2. Appropriate for audience. Gives a high school perspective and includes issues teens might encounter (affairs, alcohol abuse, divorce, bullying, sportsmanship).

  1. I did feel the writing was a little clumsy at points. Not the grammar, that was fine. My issue was more with the flow as I read it.

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