Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad Jo

I've been very bad. I haven't posted anything new in almost a week! ::gasp:: I planned to keep most of my non-book related life out of this blog, so I won't go on about how my grandmother's lungs collapsed - TWICE - after her knee surgery Monday, and how for a while she wasn't breathing on her own and was moved to ICU. Fortunately, she's doing much better today and will probably get to come home tomorrow. So... I have no more excuses for not blogging.

Coming soon...

  1. J.Kaye Splashed me! And I'll be splashing others in turn.
  2. I've got to review The Shadow Within for LibraryThing, so I'm going to post it here too. I read it, um, almost a week ago. Any longer and I'm going to forget the details.
Anyway, check back...

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