Saturday, February 7, 2009

Book Overload...

and no, I'm not talking about the massive number of TBR books awaitin' me. (Though there are an overwhelming amount of those.)

No... I'm talking about the books that I am obligated to send on to others (with deadlines!)—some of which I haven't even purchased yet and hardly any of which I've read. So I'm left hustling to read these books by their deadlines. While being distracted by what books I really feel like reading.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying them, once I get into them. For instance, I just read the host even though I really wasn't in the mood for it and had seen a review by someone with similar interests that said it drags a little toward the middle. I was very pleasantly surprised to find I liked it (I'm not sure why... she's obviously a huge author considering her Twilight series). But that doesn't change the fact that 1) I didn't feel like starting it when I did and 2) I timed it so I could go to bed when it got slow, and instead found myself finishing it @ a quarter to 7am. I got maybe 3 hrs of sleep; it threw off my whole day.

So now I'm just starting another book (Trust Me by Brenda Novak). It looks interesting, but at the same time, I have some other books I'd like to try and can't. After this I have a line of others to read including: The Devil You Know by Jenna Black (this is one of the books I'll be purchasing...I just finished the first The Devil Inside today and really got into it, but still...), and Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey and the 2nd in that series (still TBB), and The Lipstick Chronicles Book One (an anthology w/ 4 stories... chick lit), and a couple of Intrigue books I'm supposed to review for TellHarlequin (see my last post for my reviewing issues) ... the list goes on, it doesn't stop for nearly the whole of Feb.

Much as I like these books, I can't wait to read on a whim again...

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