Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book Jealousy (Or Is It Envy?...Or Coveteousness?...Or...)

...well, whatever the proper term, I have it.

What am I talking about? That feeling of "I want that!" (may be drawn out in extremely whiny and dramatic way) (may also be said as "I want that!" or "I want that!").
Anyway, it's that feeling you get when you are exploring blogs and reading reviews/blurbs or looking at covers (or both) of books that sound/look excellent, and you know that there is no way you can afford to buy any of those books let alone all of them. And that even if you could, there is no way you'd find the time to read all of them, especially since they're the ___ (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.... fill in the blank) of the series and you have yet to read the first.
And, really, you (or at least this is true of myself) have plenty of other great books to read, but you still wish you could read those (greener pastures, etc., etc.).

And I'll take it a step further... Why couldn't I be the one to make that find? - What was that? What about those other great books awaitin' to be read? Oh, well, they've already been discovered... how do you think I found out about them? Hmph.

::exasperated sigh:: Well, I hope someone else wanders over here to commiserate about there own Book Envy (or...)...


  1. I'll totally commiserate. And I won't even mention the bad addictions that places like and can be, either.

    Err.... shoot.

    It's an addiction. And it's no fair that you read more than I do!

  2. No need to mention the fact that I have PBS enabling my addiction. =)

    And I suspect my being unemployed (which, I might add means no income and, therefore, no new books) and no longer a student my have something to do with my available reading time and how many books I read.


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